Share Prices

Our 2018 season runs from Tuesday, May 15 until Saturday, December 1.

Two Seasonal Options

FULL SEASON. Receive vegetables for the full 29 weeks. With this option you may cancel up to three weeks during that time, and receive up to three weeks of (long-storing) vegetables on week 30.

20-WEEK SEASON. You choose which twenty weeks you want food delivered during the season.

Sliding Scale Pricing for Vegetable Shares

Why Sliding Scale? 

Our share pricing strategy is based on an ideal that we hope promotes CSA participation by people of various income levels, while at the same time paying our farmers a living wage. Vegetable farming is very low paying work because most vegetables are priced at or below the cost of production. This makes it nearly impossible to make a living growing vegetables. We do not want to price our shares so that only the wealthy can afford them, and we want to make enough money to support ourselves. That is why we created the sliding scale.

Sliding scale payment method was first introduced at Seven Springs in 2008. Since then, members have joined the CSA paying at a level they could afford. We believe this offers a degree of fairness, balance, and opportunity so that a wide variety of individuals can join.

How It Works.

We price our shares using a range of prices for each type of share. The lowest price for each share is designed to cover the farm’s bare bones budget for the year. You choose the price you pay for your share within that range. All payments above the minimum provide additional money to increase farmer wages and to support our Neighbors Help Neighbors Fund.

Neighbors Help Neighbors Fund.

Our sliding scale pricing brings out the generosity of our members, allowing us to establish a fund that gives discounts to families who want to participate, but cannot pay the full price. If you would like to apply for a discount on your share, please check the Neighbors Help Neighbors box when you sign up. We will get in touch with you.


Note: The weekly prices listed below are approximated and in round numbers. The seasonal prices are accurate

Share Type


Full Season

Sliding Scale Price

20-Week Season

Sliding Scale Price

Small Vegetable Share  3-4 lbs $17-$25/week
Medium Vegetable Share  4-7 lbs $27-$43/week


Large Vegetable Share  7-14 lbs $46-$75/week


Working Shares

Small Working Share 3-4 lbs $16-24/week
+4 hours/season
+4 hours/season
Medium Working Share 4-7 lbs $25-$41/week
+8 hours/season
+8 hours/season
Large Working Share  7-14 lbs $41-$70/week
+16 hours/season

+16 hours/season

Half Egg Share * Half Dozen $2.50/half dozen
$2.50/half dozen
Full Egg Share * One Dozen $4.75/dozen
Herb Share Two Bunches $40 $30

* The eggs are from our neighbors at Weathertop Farm. Their chickens are raised on pasture, supplemented with conventionally grown feed.

We encourage members to pay in full upon sign-up if they are able. Pre-payment provides the working capital needed to purchase seed, supplies, etc., and pay farmers’ salaries for work that begins in late winter. It also saves money on billing and administrative costs. All members who pay in full receive a $15 price reduction on the cost of their share.

CSA Online Application

Ready to sign up? We advise joining quickly as there is limited space available. Priority is given to returning members. We accept new members on a first come, first served basis using the date we receive your deposit. Click here for our online CSA application — or send by mail with your first (or entire) payment to Seven Springs CSA, PO box 320 Floyd, VA 24091