Share Types

We grow approximately 28 different vegetables. You will receive 5-8 different vegetables in your bag each week, the varieties changing as the season changes. Each week quarter shares receive half a shopping bag of vegetables, half shares receive one full shopping bag, and full shares receive two full shopping bags. Click the link below to view a list of vegetables we grow, when they are in season, and the approximate total number of pounds a half share member receives. Remember that every season is different, so quantities and times will vary somewhat from year to year.

Large Vegetable Share:

Members receive two shopping bags brimming with 8-16 lbs of freshly picked vegetables every week. This option is appropriate for larger families, people who entertain often, or families who just really love their veggies!

Medium Vegetable Share:

Members receive one shopping bag filled with 4-8 lbs of freshly picked vegetables per week. Our most popular option, the medium share easily fulfills the fresh vegetable needs for two adults with one or two young children.

Small Vegetable Share:

For those who just can’t keep up with a medium share, we offer a small share. This is a great option for single people. Your bag will contain smaller portions with the same tantalizing variety as the larger shares.

Working Shares:

You may choose to sign up for a working share. As a working member, you will have the opportunity to help with the harvest and delivery of the food. Everyone in the family is welcome to participate in this adventure that brings you ever closer to your food, the farmer who grew it, and the community that supports it. We can accommodate all levels of physical ability.

Working small shares have a work commitment of four hours, medium shares have a work commitment of eight hours and large shares a commitment of sixteen hours for the entire season. The base cost of our working shares have been reduced to reflect of the value of the hours worked.

Herb Share:

You may purchase an herb share in conjunction with your vegetable share and receive two bunches of herbs each week. We grow dill, cilantro, thyme, sage, mint, oregano, marjoram, rosemary, and others. (Parsley and basil are distributed to everyone as part of the vegetable share.)

Egg Share:

You may purchase an egg share and receive eggs with your vegetable share each week. We offer two different sizes of egg shares (half or full dozen/week). Our neighbors at Weathertop Farm raise their chickens on pasture, giving them the chance to feed on bugs from the soil, as is their nature. Their diet is supplemented with conventionally grown feed.

Beef Share:

We sell beef once a year, by the quarter, half, or whole steer. They are pastured here at the farm using rotational grazing that gives them a fresh, lush pasture every day or two.

Vegetable Share Prices

Grass Fed Beef

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