Meet the Farmers

Nii Anang

Nii Anang is a native of Ghana. He has been a musician and dancer all his life. He became a founding member of the Kusun Ensemble, and in 2002 came to Floyd Fest 1, where he met Polly, and started to help her on the farm. In 2008 they were married, and he has been farming in between his teaching and performing schedule ever since.

Polly Hieser

Polly is a native Virginian. She became interested in homesteading in high school, while looking out the window wishing she were outside. After studying horticulture and working in the landscaping industry for 10 years she moved to Floyd County Virginia and founded Seven Springs Farm with Ron Juftes in 1990. In 1991 the CSA was born.

“I never get tired of the incredible beauty, and I’m so grateful to be here.” (Polly Hieser, farmer and owner of 7 Springs CSA.)