Grass Fed Beef for Sale

We sell steers once a year by the quarter, half, or whole steer. They are pastured here at Seven Springs Farm using a rotational grazing system that gives them a fresh lush pasture every day or two. They have eaten only grass (including clovers and a variety of forage plants found in the pasture) supplemented with mineral rich kelp, and have had no drugs of any kind. Purchasing part of a cow is the most economical, nourishing and sustainable way to consume beef as part of your diet.

The USDA requires that we charge per pound by the hanging weight. The hanging weight is the whole carcass before it is cut into roasts, steaks, etc. Typically the hanging weight is about 60% 0f the live weight of the cow. The carcass is then cut, packed and frozen, losing another 45-48% of weight in bones and scrap. We have no control over the exact weight of the animal (generally 900-1000 lbs.), or the exact take home weight.

Our price this year is $4.00/lb. hanging weight. Click here for an example of approximate prices and take home weights of a 900 lb., 1000 lb., and 1100 lb. cow. Please remember that these are only estimates.

The meat will be processed at Thompson’s Meat Processing in Floyd. It will be vacuum packed and frozen and ready for pick up in late November.

2017 beef shares are sold out.
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Which Section of the Cow Am I Buying?
After reviewing the above information, you may be wondering what quarter (or half) of the cow you are getting. If you’ve purchased a half cow share you will receive either a full left or a full right side of the cow, which includes all of the sections, described in the link to the Butchering Chart.

If you purchased a quarter cow share, you are sharing a half of a cow (left or right side) with another member who also purchased a quarter cow share. The cuts from both quarter shares will be taken from all the sections described in the Butchering Chart. When you fill out your order form, you may choose cuts from any or all sections of the cow. We will match your order with another member, giving each member as much as possible from the sections each of you chose. Since the rib and loin sections are usually the most popular you will likely receive half of the cuts in those sections. After all the cuts are made for both members, the remainder will be ground and shared between the two families.