About the Farm

Welcome to Seven Springs Farm

Thank you for helping to support farming, and a safe and healthy food supply! We really do appreciate it.

Seven Springs Farm was established in 1990 by Polly Hieser and Ron Juftes. Both are trained horticulturalists with many years of experience. Leaving behind their landscaping and tree surgery business in Pennsylvania, they moved to Floyd County VA because of its beauty, community, and affordable land prices. In 1991 the first CSA in the area was born. In 1994 they started a retail organic farming and gardening products store on the farm, where soil amendments and organic pest control products are sold to the local farmers and gardeners.

The farm is home to a 100 member CSA. We are committed to growing the freshest, healthiest food we can by using only sustainable and biodynamic practices. Our members can taste the difference a healthy soil makes!